Down syndrome dating service

Down syndrome dating service

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We respect your email privacy. In fact it has been more useful than any MD. Craig Kendall, Thanks for the Newsletter, it has been a great help for me to understand Aspergers Syndrome. I found your articles to be extremely helpful … I applaud you for sharing your story and helping others who are going through similar situations. Thank you for sharing your story. Candi Kilgore, Jacksonville, FL.

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These mums want to challenge the negative perceptions about Down's syndrome and are telling the world they wouldn't change a thing about their children. The celebrities can move over - these mums and their little ones have made the best episode of Carpool Karaoke yet. To mark World Down Syndrome day on Wednesday, 50 mums and their children, who have Down's Syndromecreated the heartwarming viral video to show how ordinary and fun life with the condition is. Mum Joanne, from Ingleton, North Yorkshire, knew Mia, four, had Down's Syndrome before she was born but there was never any doubt about wanting to keep her. We were thinking if Mia had a heart condition or a bowel issue, we might have to think about it more because I could potentially have both of them in hospital at the same time, it would be difficult. It's quite negative, but in reality that isn't the case. But now she is now doing really well.

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On the eve of World Down's Syndrome Day, which took place on Wednesday, Barrow and Walney firefighter Mike Wilkinson posted a Facebook status urging his friends and family to wear odd socks to raise awareness of the condition. Young and old people across Barrow, Ulverston and Millom, including many of the firefighter's colleagues, proudly donned their odd socks in support of Mr Wilkinson's year-old son Enzo-Ty, who has Down's Syndrome. But Peter Clives, one of Mr Wilkinson's fire service colleagues, sparked widespread outrage when he commented on the Facebook post with a hugely offensive comment, which The Mail has chosen not to repeat. No complaint was made by either Mr or Mrs Wilkinson. John McVay, assistant chief fire officer, said an investigation had been launched into the matter and last night Mr Clives was summoned to a meeting where he was suspended. Mr Clives, a year-old who has served in the Royal Navy, is understood to be in his final 12 months with the fire service before he is due to retire. Confirming the suspension, a spokesman for Cumbria County Council said: Armed police officers patrolling through the holiday crowds on the promenade at the Bowness on Windermere.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have managed to prevent the condition in human cells in a laboratory. They believe that this breakthrough could eventually lead to treatments for the syndrome. Down's Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes learning disabilities and a characteristic range of physical features. It occurs as a result of an extra chromosome called chromosome Gene therapy has already been used to treat medical problems that result from the presence of one defective gene, but this is the first time that silencing the impact of a whole chromosome has become a possibility. The BBC reports that the breakthrough means that this could now be possible.

By Alison Smith-squire For Mailonline. A little boy with Down's Syndrome was locked on a council's school bus for six hours - after teachers forgot to check he'd got off. Reuben Wilson, nine, from Chew Magna, Bristol, was strapped into his seat, and only discovered when the driver came back from his lunchbreak.

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He is a joy. I definitely found your information helpful. When I searched on line, your information was the most informative, and so I bought your books, and downloaded them. We are currently "waging war" with our son's school district because they don't feel he is autistic enough to warrant services geared towards Aspergers. We will tell you about the ways to successfully transition from school to the workplace. This page book will be a life saver for every family with an Aspergers teen.